Ann Arbor Arts, 617 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, MI | Fall 2023 (M. Arch Year 1) | Academic Project
Ann Arbor Arts is a small, boutique theater located in Ann Arbor, and designed to support the Ann Arbor Film Festival and other arts activities that happen throughout the year.  The project originated with a study of the precedent, the Pasaka Cinema House in Lithuania, and evolved through intensive site research, material and context study, and modeling.  
The concept for the proposal is based on a contextual performing arts "village," supporting both the film festival and promoting year-round use for community activities and arts groups.  The project supplies ample public space, both indoor and outdoor, and seeks to become a neighborhood hub, an extension of the vibrant Kerrytown neighborhood.

A large outdoor plaza encourages gathering for both performances and community activities, while the building forms and materials mimic the neighborhood context.

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