Eviction to Empowerment received First Place in the 2021 AIA Ohio Student Design Awards.  The AIA Ohio Student Design Awards recognize "high quality, innovative design responses" from student academic work. 
Eviction is a powerful force that has come to shape the lives of many in cities across the country.  Milwaukee is no stranger to the eviction crisis; the city was the subject of Mathew Desmond's bestseller, Evicted, and here the legacy of redlining policies continue to shape the lives of residents, especially single mothers and their children who face disproportionately higher rates of eviction.  This proposal for shared housing in a neighborhood that faces significantly higher eviction rates is a form of cohousing that provides long term affordable housing and transitional housing, encouraging the sharing of responsibilities and providing a support system for single mothers and children.
Learn more about the award here or visit the project page.

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