Gene therapy as an innovation in Rare Disease.

The graphic illustrations represent innovations in three of Pfizer’s primary patient categories.  In the design for Rare Disease, the technique of gene therapy is represented by the replacement of various genes in the DNA sequence, represented as pieces of a puzzle.  The design for Vaccines represents how vaccines work to build herd immunity and bring health to millions of people.  The submission for Gene Therapy in Rare Diseases received first place in its category; more information can be found here.

The innovation of Gene Therapy is represented by the process or replacing sections of DNA--puzzle pieces-- by inserting newer and healthier DNA strands to combat disease mutations.  In the design, it takes a team of scientists and researchers to execute this process and ensure that the patient is healthy.  This complex and intensive process can be simplified to an illustration in order to increase understanding of the process.  This illustration for Rare Disease was the winner in its category.
The Vaccines illustration represents how scientists study and develop vaccines to combat specific germs and viruses.  Again, it takes a team to produce and distribute the vaccine to combat illnesses.

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